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1964 Cessna 310I

Cockpit and Interior

Info:           Airframe TT - 4600
                  Engine SMOH - 1370 LE, 1520 RE
                  Engine STOP - 200  (2002/2003), complete top of both (chrome cylinders)
                  Props - 400 L/R (new 1992, no recurring AD), dynamically balanced
                  Annual due      - 5/2010
                  IFR/Static due  - 5/2010

                  Side Brace Kit, both sides, 2009
                  Rebuilt Fuel Control systems in 2009
                  New Engine Hoses in 2009
                  New Baffle Seal and Scat Ducting in 2009
                  Mags Overhauled in 2009
                  New Tires in 2009
                  Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps in 2009
                  New Batteries in 2009
                  O2 bottle certified in 2009
                  Rebuilt Attitude Indicator in 2002
                  Micro Vortex Generators in 2002
                  New Exhaust in 2001
                  New LE Mixture and Throttle Control Cables in 2001
                  Hot Props (completely rebuilt in 2001)
                  New Landing Gear Motor and Flap Motor in 2000
                  Rebuilt Prop Governors in 1999
                  New "downlock spring" in 1996
                  Rebuilt Altimeter, Turn Coordinator, Transponder in 1999, 1995
                  Rebuilt All Struts and Torque Link Bushings in 1998
                  New Brake lines in 1998

Exterior:   Red/Blue on Wimbledon White (painted 1975)  - "6"sp;  Tan Cloth - "8"
                  Arizona and California for the 18 years prior to Colorado!

Avionics:    MAC 1700  - VOR, LOC, GS, 3LMB
                  MAC 1700  - VOR, LOC
                  KT76A Transponder with Encoder
                  KN62 DME
                  Garmin 396 Moving Map GPS
                  KMA-20 Audio Panel
                  FlightCom 403 6-place Stereo Intercom (fully wired), PTTs
                  Motorola M-4 Autopilot with Altitude Hold (currently INOP)

Equip:        Digital Clock
                  Factory Oxygen (6 place)
                  ELT, CHT, OAT, EGT
                  Bracket Air Filters
                  Beacons, Strobes
                  LR Tanks (130 gallons usable)
                  Pitot Heat
                  Ground Service Plug
                  Fire Extinguishers
                  Rear Seat Vents

Notes:      1 qt. oil every 7 hours (stable).  Oil analyses are good!

Docs:        POH, Type Certificate

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