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A national survey of 158 Canadian firms was conducted using the Delphi technique and follow-up interviews to identify the critical issues in information systems during the next three to five years. Critical information systems issues were identified including 1) building a responsive IT infrastructure, 2) improving IS project management practices, and 3) planning and managing communication networks. Significant differences in the rating of the importance of these issues were reported between small and large firms, private and public sector firms, IS executives and lower levels of IS personnel. A comparison of the current results with the most recently reported U.S. study revealed that there are differences between the critical issues and their prioritization reported by US and Canadian IS personnel. Canadian IS personnel placed a stronger emphasis on the need to address technology-related issues rather than managerial issues than did the IS executives in the U.S. study. Qualitative data to be collected in follow-up interviews will be reported at the conference to cast some light on the reasoning behind the ratings and the sources of information that were used in the assessment of their importance.

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