CIS 502
Fall 1999 Session
Introduction to MIS

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SATURDAY CIS 502 Review Session

The NEW, IMPROVED and CORRECTED! CIS 502 On-line Grade System (updated 12/14/99)

Important Dates and Access to Resources

Part 1 (8/23-8/30): Introduction and The challenge of the new "business-as-usual"

The world we live in: the New Economy
Systems theory: an introduction to the course

Part One Case Studies:

About CIS 502 Case Studies (Analyses and Strategic Recommendation Memos)

Good Strategic Recommendation Memorandum Examples to follow, USAA and UBS

Case Presentation Schedule for Wednesdays' CIS 502

Case Presentation Schedule for Thursdays' CIS 502

(8/23)Two Airlines in the Information Age (HBS #9-195-240) (2-pages handed out in class - no need to buy!)
Study Questions:

(8/30) Roberts Rules The Road (September 1998 issue of Fast Company - 4-pages handed out in class)

Assignment 1:

Internet-based Virtual Teamwork Simulation Exercise

The Desert Survival Exercise

Personal profile as per class directions.

Part Two (9/6-9/13 and beyond):  Manageable Trends

Introduction to MIS (Ch. 1)
Telecommunications (more telecommunications) Another view: A Telecommunications Primer

Trends and Models
Value Chain and Competition
Part Two Case Studies:
(9/6) OTISLINE (A) (HBS #9-186-304)
Study Questions:

(9/13) USAA (HBS #9-190-155)
Study Questions:

Virtual Teamwork Analysis (Assignment #1 on 9/6)
Case Study

Part Three (9/20 - 9/27): Information Technology and Strategy

Strategic Information Systems Primerin class (edited)
10 principles of business in the New Economy
Village Inn Restaurant (in-class case study)
Decisions and Information Systems

RSA Security (private and public keys, etc.)
Graphics, and MIS Architectures

Part Three Case Study:
(9/20)Baxter Healthcare Corporation: International OnCall ASAP (HBS #9-195-103)
Study Questions:

A fresh look at Baxter spinnoff's today: Allegiance and Cardinal Health!

What about electronic catalogs? You might also want to check out a case study of financial EDI over the Internet with BankAmerica (see first project report and BankAmerica's press release). Read a draft of the second report.

Assignment #2:
Environmental Scanning in a networked economy: a comparison of competing firms.  Due 2 weeks(10/4).

Case Study

Part Four (10/4-10/11): Engineering Business Processes and Enterprise Modelling

Business Process Engineering
Innovation Strategies and Operations
Managing Information Resources
Process Change
Process Innovation (class notes)
IDEF-0 Primer
Methodologies, Techniques and Tools (BPWin)
NEW!!! BPwin 2.5 service pack 2 download instructions
(BPwin and IDEF-0) Business Process Engineering Assignments (in 2 parts)

Part Four Case Study:
(10/4)FritoLay, Inc: A Strategic Transition (HBS #9-187-065)
Study Questions:

Case Study
Web Enviroscan (Assignment #2)

Part Five (10/18-10/25): Databases and Distributed Systems

Relational Databases and Structured Query Language (Microsoft Access from class notes)
SQL Overview
Alternate SQL Tutorial
Practice Questions
SQL Assignment
Instructions for downloading Sample Database

Part Five Case Study:
(10/18)P&G (HBS #9-195-126)
Study Questions:

(10/25)Air Product and Chemicals (HBS #9-397-008)
Study Questions:

Assignment #3 and #4:
Tentative Process Model Analysis in BPWin, Due (10/25), finalized by 11/29
#4: Database Queries in Access, Due (11/15)

Case Study

Part Six (11/1 thtu 11/22): Information, Collaboratories and Knowledge Management

Distributed Systems

Part Six Case Study:

(11/1)Union Bank of Switzerland: ATM Outsourcing (HBS #9-397-103)
Study Questions:

Case Study
Final Process Model Analysis in BPWin due 11/29

Part Seven (11/29): Virtual Organizations and Virtual Value Chains

Decision Support Systems
Group Support Systems
Web Conferencing
Document Management
Virtual Value Chain

Part Seven Case Study:
Internet Firms: Dell,, etc., E*Trade (ECCH Case Studies TBA)
Study Questions:

(11/29)Mondex International: Reengineering Money (download from the 'net).
Study Questions:

You might want to read a report on attempts to hack the smart cards.

Case Study
Database Queries in Access

Part Eight (12/6-12/13): Exam Prep and Landing!

Part Eight Case Studies:

(12/6)Verifone (HBS #9-195-088)
Study Questions:

Case Study
"Innovated Process" (assignment #5)
Final Exam

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